*Very Important update to outside/online pharmacy request/refill policy
Please read carefully and completely

Outside/Online Pharmacy Policy
Effective January 1st 2019

We understand the tempting convenience of online pharmaceutical companies, but due to the high volume of requests that we receive daily we will be making some changes to how we process requests through outside/online pharmacies.
Starting Jaunary 1st 2019 we will no longer approve prescription requests from outside pharmacies by phone or through fax. This DOES NOT mean that you cannot get your pet’s medication from an outside pharmacy. Our policy will be to issue you a hand written prescription. This prescription can then be taken or mailed to any pharmacy of your choosing. Each pharmacy will have their own policies as to how they process written prescriptions. Please make sure to check with the pharmacy you plan on using in advance so there won’t be any lapse in medications if they require you to mail in the hand written prescription.

We understand this method may not be the most convenient, but we have recently experienced too many issues such as medications not being dispensed correctly or as directed, approved or denied without our consent, and have been inundated by emails and calls from pharmacies. These events and others have prompted this change in policy.

Online pharmacies do not purchase their medications through the manufacturer who made them. They are often purchased from third parties with no guarantee of how they have been stored or where they came from. Many medications will lose effectiveness and even become harmful if they are not stored in properly controlled environments. When you purchase your pets medications through a veterinary office they are guaranteed by the manufacturer, and they often times will help out financially if your pet has an adverse reaction. For example, if you purchase your pets heartworm prevention through a veterinarian and your pet contracts heartworm disease, the manufacturer will help with the cost of treatment. If you bought the product online the manufacturer will not offer compensation. Counterfeit drugs have been found on the online market as well.

Our team is always working hard to meet you and your pets needs efficiently, and while a prescription may seem like a simple task, that simply is not the case. We receive so many prescription refill requests both in office and from outside pharmacies that the Veterinarians would be unable to perform daily tasks such as appointments and treating their patients if they took the time to address them as they arrive. It is for this reason that we require 24-48 hours for approval. This will not change with the policy change. It will still take up to 48 hours for your written prescription to be ready for pick up. Please keep in mind that your Veterinarian may not work every day of the week and we are closed on weekends, this may increase the amount of time it takes to get approval.

As a small business we do our best to keep our costs as competitive as we can. If you want the convenience of ordering online and getting your medications shipped directly to you, but you want the peace of mind of knowing your pets medications are coming from a reputable source, we have an online pharmacy that works directly with veterinarians and the manufacturer of the medications. They offer competitive pricing, discounts for first time and repeated customers. The pharmacy is called Vetsource and can be found on our website or at the link below.


We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing to help you take the best possible care of your furry family members.

-Your WCVH Family